Upgrade to configuration generator (FreePBX)

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Upgrade to configuration generator (FreePBX)

Post by CRM User » Fri Feb 24, 2017 1:48 pm

I need to perform an upgrade to a module of the configuration generator (FreePBX(TM)). I see in the HAAst installation guide that I should not simply click UPGRADE. Why? And how then should I upgrade a module of FreePBX?
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Re: Upgrade to configuration generator (FreePBX)

Post by Telium Support » Fri Feb 24, 2017 2:01 pm

When you perform an upgrade/update to any module in FreePBX (even a minor one) there is the possibility that FreePBX will change the structure of the tables in MySQL. Since HAAst cannot synchronize live data between tables of different structures, you must ensure that the peers do not attempt to synchronize data during such an upgrade/update.

The Maintenance and Operations Guide shows the complete upgrade procedure (see section 6). But if you are very experienced with Linux & FreePBX, you can follow this short-cut:
  1. Upgrade A
    1. Unplug the network connection from A
    2. Upgrade FreePBX on A
  2. Upgrade B
    1. Unplug the network connection from B
    2. Replug the network connection to A
    3. Upgrade FreePBX on B
  3. Re-establish cluster
    1. Replug the network connection from B
    2. Wait for the cluster to HAAst restablish automatically
    3. Use the telnet/web interface to make the preferred peer active. (Or wait for automatic fallback during the maintenance window if enabled in the haast.conf file)
The key concept here is that a standby peer must NOT be able to see an active peer which is running a different version (or different modules installed/enabled) of the configuration generator.

CAUTION: In our experience even minor upgrades/updates to FreePBX can cause serious problems, break features, etc. This has nothing to do with HAAst - this is FreePBX related. (We have not experienced this issue with other configuration generators upon upgrade). Please ensure you have a complete system backup prior to performing any updates / upgrades to FreePBX. As well, please ensure you DISABLE automatic updates in FreePBX before setting up your cluster.
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